Trucking it with Roll Big Wheels Roll by Vernon Oxford

We’ve always been a fan of Vernon Oxford, publishing our articles about Vernon and a great article written by Everett Corbin, seen here.

As we write about truck driving songs we must mention Vernon Oxford’s “Roll Big Wheels Roll”. We picked “Roll Big Wheels Roll” from a CD produced in 2000 but Vernon released his music many years before that. The album was actually released January 1, 1966.

Some say Vernon Oxford came to Nashville when his type of music was losing popularity. The year was 1964. I disagree, as the music started coming from Bakersfield and was very popular. Around that time Vernon met Harlan Howard when Nashville was looking for a different sound. Traditionalists held the course and Vernon Oxford was not deterred.

Vernon Oxford was able to find a different route to success, touring the U.K. extensively to capitalize on his popularity there.

In remembering Vernon Oxford’s “Roll Big Wheels Roll” we also remember when times were harder in country music, truck driving songs gained popularity, and the Bakersfield sound made country music traditionalists happy again.

Hear “Roll Big Wheels Roll” and all of Vernon Oxfords songs from the album “Let Me Sing You a Song” at Amazon, near the bottom of the page.

Oxford scored his first chart single in America with “Shadows of My Mind”, but his ability to sing truck driving songs must not be overlooked.

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