Traditional country music videos

We just received a report on our music video libraries, all three of which are filled with traditional country music from around the world. As of today, the libraries had 13,781 page views. By our estimates that represents a healthy serving of traditional country music, with almost 200 page views per day. Analytics show an average of five videos watched per person.

We started building the traditional country music video library about three months ago, so this promises to be one largest collections of traditional country music videos, country classics, and truck driving song collections anywhere.

What makes this collection of music videos unique? Simply said, we try to stay away from country music that isn’t country, while adding country music videos from around the world. There’s great country music in other countries, and while we can’t promise that you’ll understand the words to some songs, the music is great in any language.

When you play a country music video we make a note of it, so your choices move videos into the top ten most-played videos and popular videos categories.

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