The Only Girl I Can’t Forget by Del Reeves (1963)

Del Reeves is known for his truck driving songs, including “Girl On The Billboard”, but Del Reeves says this song, “The Only Girl I Can’t Forget”, is a real country song from 1963. Del performed the song on the television show Country Family Reunion, and was asked if we will ever hear real country songs like this on the radio any more.

In answering the question Del Reeves said he certainly hoped so, but was inclined to agree with George Jones and the fact that many of us wonder if those days are gone.

As for the song itself, many of us know what it means. If you’ve ever found a soulmate, or a true friend that just wasn’t ready to fall in love, you know how it feels to love someone you just cannot forget. The song is written by Del and Ellen Reeves, and was also released by Carl Smith.

Like most true country music, this song touches the heart and tells a true story. The words of a country songwriter, with music by a composer, touch the heart and can make a man or a woman cry. How many times did one person say “I love you”, never to hear it in return? It’s an age-old story that may have touched every man and woman some time in their life.

Here is Del Reeves and “The Only Girl I Can’t Forget”:

Del Reeves made his last Grand Ole Opry appearance in August 2002. He died at his home in Centerville Tennessee at the age of 73, on January 1, 2007.

Here are the lyrics to the Del Reeves song “The Only Girl I Can’t Forget”:

Oh I saw her yesterday just for a little while
And it nearly broke my heart to see her smile
But I acted as though we had just met
But she’s still the only girl I can’t forget
She’s just another girl that’s all she’ll ever be
I’ve convinced almost everyone but me
I’ve mastered my emotions now and yet
She’s still the only girl I can’t forget

Though she doesn’t mean a thing to me
She’s just part of the best part of me
She belongs to someone now and yet
She’s still the only girl I can’t forget
She’s just another girl…