The McCalls and Heather Myles on Tru Country

Episode eight of Tru Country on RFD TV featured Darrell McCall, Mona McCall, and Heather Myles. Episode eight aired the weekend of February 19-21.

Darrell McCall opened the show, after an introduction by Tracy Pitcox, with “There’s Still A Lot Of Love In San Antone”, followed by “Dreams Of A Dreamer“, as song in our music video library. Darrell was great as always.

After the break viewers saw a brief interview with Darrell and Mona McCall, followed by Mona McCall’s performance of “Keeper Of My Heart”.

Darrell performed “Lillydale” if you read the graphics. When you search for the song the actual title is “Lily Dale”, the title track of the CD “Lily Dale” by Darrell McCall. As always, we put the title in this article both ways to help you locate the great song “Lily Dale”. On Youtube the song is referred to as “Lilly Dale” as well.

Honky tonker Heather Myles was up next with a perfect song loved by fans of real country music. “Nashville’s Gone Hollywood” could be the theme song for traditional country music fans everywhere. Miss Leslie Sloan sang harmony on the “Nashville’s Gone Hollywood”. The song is on our music video library.

Heather Myles spent years on the road to get where she is today. Her tireless dedication is also the motivation behind Tru Country on RFD TV. The show is a Mylestone production.

Heather Myles performed the last song of the night which was “Sweet Talk, Good Lies”, another honky tonk favorite.

As always the Tru Country band was perfect. Band members are Bobby Flores on fiddle, Jim Loessberg on steel guitar, Jake Hooker on upright bass, Bob Gothar on lead guitar, Larry Mitchell on drums, and Bodie (Bode) Barker on piano.

As a traditionalist I am glad to see these artists on television. I’ve written about all of them in previous articles, and received a copy of Bode Barker’s CD today. Yesterday I heard from Bobby Flores, and many of the stars of Tru Country can be your friends on Facebook.

The TruCountry website is here. The show was taped in Hamilton Texas at the Circle T Arena.