Shirley Bates featured CD titled “New Walls”

I received a CD in the mail yesterday, from Shirley Bates. Titled “New Walls”, I did not know what to expect when I listened to the CD, but I was pleasantly surprised. Shirley Bates has a beautiful voice which graces all of the songs quite nicely. Shirley is one of the grand ladies of country music.

Included with the package was a copy of an advertisement for the County Barn Dance in Baldwin Park California. Very young at the time, Jim Reeves was the star of the show. Also featured were Ginny Wright, Jim Ed Brown and Maxine Brown, Alvadean and Sandy Coker – and Shirley Bates.

Jim Reeves recorded on Abbott Records at the time, while Jim Ed and Maxine Brown were with Fabor Records. Now that we’ve put it in perspective, let’s look at Shirley Bates – Author, Country-Gospel performer, and television personality.

Shirley met and performed with many country music greats from Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys to Ray Price. When Shirley got her big break, in part thanks to live television and the Barndance, producer Fabor Robison had already signed Johnny Horton, Jim Reeves, and Ned Miller. Thus you can see why it was such a nice surprise to receive a CD from Shirley.

“New Walls” can be previewed at Shirley’s website where you can catch up on the latest, or email Shirley. She is in Fallon Nevada, a place I remember well from my days in the Marine Corps and my time in Dugway Utah.

When you hear the title track, “New Walls”, just listen to the strength and beautiful range of Shirley’s voice. Every track on this CD is perfect. From honky-tonking steel guitar to a little bit of Gospel, it’s hard to pick a favorite song. “That Little Church” put a smile on my face, while “Lonely Woman” is as good as it gets. “Mountain Bound” is sure to appeal to everyone. You hear harmonica and New Orleans or Memphis blues on “Don’t You Lie To Me.” Here is the track list, and every song is great:

01 – I Need New Walls
02 – I Don’t Know The Man
03 – Dear Lord
04 – Lonely Woman
05 – That Little Church
06 – God’s Invitation
07 – From My Lord To Me
08 – Mountain Bound
09 – Don’t You Lie To Me
10 – Cheatin Door
11 – Here I Go Again
12 – Am I Ready

I know people like to hear the cover songs and classics, but when it comes to new fresh great country music the way you like it, this is the CD for you. Every song could be right at home on Willie’s Place, Country Shufflemania, or on stage at Blanco’s.

All of the songs are written by Shirley, though she had co-writers on some of the songs. Don’t overlook this CD. Visit Shirley Bates at or hear her below on YouTube performing “Mountain Bound”:

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