RFD True Country Music TV Show from Hamilton Texas

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True County Music will premier on RFD TV, coming to directly from the Circle T Arena in Hamilton Texas. Season one artists include Amber Digby, Bobby Flores, Darrell McCall, Heather Myles, Jake Hooker, Justin Trevino, Miss Leslie and Leona Williams.

We also saw James “Slim” Hand in the preview video. The Country Classics has featured almost every one of these artists on our website.

Visit the True Country Music website for air dates on RFD, tickets for tapings, and more information.

This is a promo of True Country Music. After viewing it we are certain that our readers will want to know more.

True Country Music is a production of Mylestone Media in Riverside California. We commend Heather Myles for her tireless dedication to true country music and her ability to out this show together for fans of country music represented by The Country Classics.

This coming together of famous artists is sure to be a hit for RFD television and a big boost for fans and artists. Make sure you visit the Stars of Texas for more great music and videos.

As an additional benefit readers can click on the “Season One Artists” at the True Country Music website for more information, song previews, and to buy artist’s CDs.

4 thoughts on “RFD True Country Music TV Show from Hamilton Texas

  1. Wow! The debut of this show presented some of the best real country I’ve heard in ages. A great start to what should be one of the finest shows on the air for real country music.

  2. Love your show but you have way too many comercials. Would love to hear Flores sing sometime
    Thank you

  3. Your show is great just the kind of music I could listen to all day.Jake Hooker has a true country voice and is probably the best stand up bass player I have ever heard. The girls are fantastic and Heather Miles with one of the other girls doing her harmony is outstanding. I haven’t listened to cmt or any raido stations in the past few years because of country music turning to pop, but you can bet I never miss your show or Marty Steward’s . These are the only TRUE country shows around.
    Thanks for entertainng me and I salute your talent.

    Joe Kugelman, Lebanon, New Jersey.

  4. I just got att tv. But they do not have rfd . Will you see if you can get them to put you on. Thanks Dora.

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