Remembering Webb Pierce and Sweet Lips from 1961

The song went to number 3 on the charts in 1961. Those were the days of AM radio and honky tonk songs were a hit. Webb Pierce hit it big with “Sweet Lips”, and this is a great video with wonderful sound quality. Fifty years later “Sweet Lips” by Wynn Stewart is our featured song of the day.

Webb Pierce was one of the most popular American honky tonk vocalists of the 1950s, charting more number one hits than any other country artist during the decade.

As for “Sweet Lips”, the song has been covered by many traditional country music artists. A version by Mona McCall made me remember Webb’s version. Many people Google the song with “Your Sweet Sweet Lips”, so I am adding that phrase too, but “Sweet Lips” is the title.

His biggest hit was “In The Jailhouse Now,” which charted for 37 weeks in 1955, 21 of them at number one. Pierce also charted number one for several weeks’ each with his recordings of “Slowly” (1954), “Love, Love, Love” (1955), “I Don’t Care” (1955), “There Stands The Glass” (1953), “More And More” (1954), “I Ain’t Never” (1959), and his first number one “Wondering,” which stayed at the top spot for 4 of its 27 weeks’ charting in 1952.

Webb Pierce was a one-time member of the Grand Ole Opry and was posthumously inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, a fact that amazes me, and makes me wonder what political opinions where behind that decision. Webb should have been in the hall of fame long before he passed away in February of 1991. Yes, that’s right – 1991