Ray Price sings “If She Could See Me Now”

Ray Price influenced so many traditional country music artists. Today I went back through our collection of vinyl to select a record by Ray Price with “If She Could See Me Now” from his “Nightlife” record.

Over the last fifty years the record collection seems to get heavier when I move it. During Vietnam the collection stayed with my brother. Now we are in the digital era and Youtube makes it easier for us.

While I never upload music and never make videos it is nice to find them on Youtube. I know the original recording is safely tucked away. It seems like only yesterday when I was at a California record shop looking through Ray Price music. Price tags show I paid about $2 or $3 for brand new 33-1/3 records back in the day.

Here is a cut from Ray Price’s “Nightlife” album, as Ray sings “If She Could See Me Now”. The year was 1963. High school was just beginning, and Vietnam was still four years away.