Neil Young and Waylon Jennings sing “Bound For Glory”

Unless you have used all of your free Rhapsody Player time you can hear today’s featured song by an unlikely pair. Neil Young and Waylon Jennings perfomed a great duet with “Bound For Glory”. (Or you can just play the YouTube video below.)

Open the song in a new window from here. Some say this is a truck driving song, while others call it good country music. It can be both, and I think it is.

The voices of Neil Young and Waylon Jennings sound great together. For just over five minutes these two famous men sing a little-known song with great backing and great lyrics.

“Bound For Glory” reminds me of Waylon’s early days although it does not have the Bakersfield Telecaster sound.

Here is an article from Rolling Stone about the country side of Neil Young. The magazine dates the song around October 1985.

Rolling Stone says: “Bound for Glory,” a story about a hitchhiker-truck-driver romance, sends up “Me and Bobby McGee.”

Personally I think the song is much better, and while it may remind some of “Me And Bobby McGee” the rich voices of Waylon and Young are sure to put a smile on the face of country music lovers.

UPDATE of January 24, 2010 – unfortunately the video was removed from Youtube by the user. You can hear the song using the link above.