Martin Delray and the original Lillies White Lies

Martin Delray is a very popular artist in North Alabama where people remember those who brought a smile to their face long ago. Martin Delray is still in Nashville, but his original recording of “Lillies White Lies” is now the title track of Johnny Bush’s latest CD.

Martin Delray’s release of the song is smooth and easy to listen to. We found it on Youtube today, and present it for your listening pleasure:

I can see why Johnny Bush decided to release the song. Ordering three copies during the pre-release period I was not disappointed. I’m glad Johnny decided to remind us of Martin Delray. His version is the original, and our featured song of the day.

2 thoughts on “Martin Delray and the original Lillies White Lies

  1. i wanted to buy lillies white lies by martin delray could you please write back and tell me where i came buy it thank you anita

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