Justin Haigh tour dates, downloads, and apps

Justin Haigh tour dates for the next two months have just been released. Justin spent four days this month in Nashville with producer Lew Curatolo and sound engineer Pete Greene finishing up his new album. The yet to be named album is due for release this spring but tracks will be added to his website and MySpace periodically so check each site out to hear his new songs.

Here are Justin’s road dates. Visit Justin Haigh’s website for an up-to-date schedule of all shows.

2/02 – 2/04 – Inn of the Hills, Kerrville, TX
2/05 – Juniors Grill & Icehouse, Round Rock, TX
2/06 – London Hall, London, TX
2/09 – 2/12 – Ropers Saloon, Superior, WI
2/15 – 2/21 – Outlaw Saloon, Cheyenne, WY
2/23 – 2/28 Rockin Horse Saloon Minot, ND
3/05 Longhorn Saloon Bandera, TX
3/26 – 3/28 Dakota Magic Casino Hankinson, ND

If you haven’t already done so, download Justin Haigh’s new single “A Real Good Year For Beer” from iTunes now. The song was written by john Arthur martinez and is now playing on Texas Radio. Here is the link.

You can also download the free Justin Haigh App for your iPhone or iPod Touch. The app is powered by iLike.com and will keep you one touch away from twitter updates, tour dates, photos, and YouTube videos. You can even listen to all of his latest music for free in the App. Get it now only at iTunes.