How Grady Martin discovered the first fuzz effect

I was researching Marty Robbins after hearing Marty sing “Ribbon Of Darkness” when I came across this very interesting discovery:

When Marty Robbins was recording his 1961 hit “Don’t Worry”, session guitarist Grady Martin accidentally created a fuzz effect during the session. This came about because of a faulty channel in the console where Martin’s guitar was plugged in. The effect was left in the recording and this is rumored to be the birth of the fuzz guitar. The song made position 1 one on the country charts and position 3 on the pop charts.

The reference is Wikipedia at:

Since some old songs on YouTube are of better quality than others I do not know if you can hear what they are talking about, but I’ve heard it for years and did not know what it was.

Reference: (listen to the effect around the 1.25 mark)