Growing Up Country by Jade Jack is a Must-Have CD

A new CD arrived today. Jade Jack’s “Growing Up Country” was a big hit at the restaurant. That’s why I open the mail during breakfast. Ours is a country town, and people aren’t bashful. They also know that The Country Classics receives music that is often better than what’s on the local radio.

Jade Jack performs beautifully and professionally on “Growing Up Country”. I know Ralph Mooney and Bobby Flores are smiling. Jade’s perfomance makes fiddle players like Johnny Gimble proud to have her in their ranks as she sets an example for all.

Opening with San Antonio Rose the listener realizes that although Jade Jack is the star the musicians performing with her are superb.

With Jade Jack on fiddles and vocals, Bobby Flores provides harmony, while the legendary Ralph Mooney plays steel guitar and dobro. Mike Headrick plays banjo, dobro, lead guitar and rhythm guitar, while Gary Farmer plays piano. Kenny Berry plays acoustic bass and Bob Courter plays drums.

The second track is a touching and beautifully performed rendition of “Cold, Cold Heart”. Moving on to “Clarinet Polka” the listener realizes, to quote Red Steagall, “We knew we had a fiddler in the band.”

“Waltz Of Shannon” is the fourth track. The song makes the listener hope for a CD that will never end. Beautiful music fills the air.

Surely fiddle players like Tommy Jackson, Johnny Gimble, Charlie Daniels, and Bob Wills are proud to have Jade Jack among the best of the best. A special treat is in store as Jade Jack sings “Texas Fiddle Song”, while the music spans generations of country music fans.

Jade’s performance of “Maiden’s Prayer” is wonderful, and we hear Ralph Mooney on steel guitar as well. What a spectacular team they are.

“Back Up And Push” is the seventh track on “Growing Up Country”, and Mike Headrick plays banjo, while Jade Jack’s fiddle playing is tremendous. You may have heard the song at fiddling contests around the country but you’ve never heard it performed as well as this.

Jade slows it down a little with “La Golondrina” while Ralph Mooney plays steel guitar. The terms actually means ‘the swallow’, translated from Spanish. The song has been performed in the Opera by Placido Domingo and there is an Italian translation. However, the Jade Jack and Ralph Mooney version of “La Golondrina” translates to the best of the best.

Jade sings on track nine, “Just Someone I Used To Know”, Ralph makes the steel guitar ring, and Mike resonates with the dobro. I know Dolly Parton is smiling proudly, and I’m sure George Jones and Tammy Wynette are too.

Track ten is one we’ve all been waiting for, and as Jade Jack starts the “Ray Price Medley” she serves as an example of excellance. “City Lights”, “Heartaches By The Number” and “Crazy Arms” have been performed by many professional musicians over the years, including those in philharmonic orchestras. Jade Jack makes them all proud, demonstrating world-class skills.

Ralph Mooney plays steel guitar on Jade Jack’s “Ray Price Medley” which makes the song complete. Ray Price and Mike Cass must be happy. Ralph is two years younger than Ray Price.

Track eleven is “Cajun Fiddle” and once again Jade Jack performs on a world-class level. I remember watching Don Rich play the song on the Buck Owens show many years ago, but Jade plays the song a little faster. This is a great version of the well known song. The band rounds out the song quite nicely but Jade is the star.

“Rubber Dolly” follows “Cajun Fiddle”, and Jade gets to take a small break while Ralph Mooney plays steel and Gary Farmer plays piano. This is a rendition that every country music fan will love.

Track thirteen is “I’ll Take A Chance On Loving You”. Once again Jade Jack sings and performs wonderfully on this well-known duet. The songs takes the listener back to Bakersfield in the early 60’s with memories of Buck Owens and Bonnie Owens. Kudos for including this song on the CD.

Jade Jack concludes the CD with a refreshing version of “Orange Blossom Special” that sees everyone working hard and displaying their skills. While it sounds great and recording this song might have been a lot of fun you can tell it was no easy task. What a way to end a fabulous CD.

For previews of the music included on “Growing Up Country” by Jade Jack please visit her website, seen here.

You can also visit Jade Jack on MySpace where you can hear free streaming MP3’s and learn more about her.

On January 22, 2009, there will be a release party for the CD “Growing Up Country”. The event will take place in Bay City Texas at the Bay City Country Club. More information is available from Jade Jack’s website.

The CD is recorded in Jasper Tennessee at MIKRON recording studios, and produced by Mike Headrick and Fred Jack.

Perhaps memories of Jasper and Kingsport Tennessee, Stevenson and Bridgeport Alabama, mixed with memories of Don Rich performing “Cajun Fiddle” made me smile. While Jade Jack played I thought of Merle Haggard during “Texas Fiddle Song”, and Hank Williams during “Cold Cold Heart”.

As I took another sip of coffee I looked around the restaurant, and I saw the smiles. Jade Jack’s wonderful performance was touching the memories. You could see it in the crowd and feel it in the air.

That’s when you know you heard something special.

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  1. “Crazy Arms” is an American country song recorded by Ray Price. The song, released in late 1956, went on to become a hit that year and a honky-tonk standard. It was Price’s first number one hit. The song was written by Ralph Mooney and Charles Seals.

    “Crazy Arms” reached No. 1 of each of the Billboard magazine country music charts (jukebox, best sellers and radio airplay) in June 1956, and has been credited with spending 20 weeks atop the chart; just three other songs spent longer at No. 1. (courtesy of Wikipedia)

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