Get to know Texas country music artist Janice Maynard

When visiting Janice Maynard’s Myspace page the first song starts with the beautiful sound of steel guitar. Traditional country music fans will enjoy the music, and it’s time for you to get to know Janice Maynard.

A new traditional country artist straight from the heart of Texas, Janice Maynard has been defined as LeeAnn Womack, Rhonda Vincent, and Tammy Wynette all rolled up into one little package. She didn’t start out in music like your typical country/ bluegrass singer. Growing up, her father’s job kept her and her sister over seas quite a bit through out their childhood, but not without every classic country album you could think of.

Janice relished the times they spent back home in central Texas at family reunions when her Dad, uncles, aunts, and cousins would sing and play up into the wee hours of the night. She loved sitting at their feet, listening intently. Those times had a strong impact on Janice and were the foundation that shaped her passion for music and especially singing. She later married into a very talented, musical family at a young age. All the while, soaking up all the musical knowledge she could and enjoying all the picking and singing that went on, on a daily basis. “Everybody plays, sings, or both. It’s great!” she says.

During the early years of Janice’s adult life, most of her time was spent taking care of her four children- Joshua, Brittney, Melanie, and Ricky Lee. But all the while, she was steadily growing in her passion and ability to sing. “It’s just a way of life”, she says. “There’s not a day that goes by in our home without some picking and singing. At first, it was just my husband, Ricky and I every evening after supper. But now, our two younger kids have joined in too! It’s awesome!” And of course, there’s always music being sung and played at reunions and family get-togethers on her husband’s side of the family.

Janice didn’t get started singing in honky-tonks either. Her time was consumed with her children. “ I wouldn’t trade that for anything”, she says. “ They are my primary purpose for being here, and the music is my second.” When the kids got a little older, she started singing in church. She did that for a while, then started doing studio work, cutting demos. She was enjoying that so much, and it was turning out so well, that Janice, her husband Ricky, and her two brothers-in-law, Jerry Maynard and Steve Maynard, decided to cut an album.

Her debut album, There’s A Better Way, has both bluegrass and traditional country on it. “ It’s the music that I really love!” she says. “I want to be one of the one’s that helps keep it alive! And now that the kids are older, there’s lots of time to do just that!” Janice’s inspirations on the female side of singers are – Lee Ann Womack, Rhonda Vincent, Allison Krauss, Sonya Isaacs, Leona Williams, Tammy Wynette, and Dolly Parton. You can really hear that these ladies have influenced Janice in her music.

Visit Janice’s Myspace page to hear beautiful country music. Every song is wonderful, starting with “Tired Of Losing You”. Janice’s beautiful voice is obvious as every song plays. “I Wouldn’t Go That Far” tempts the listener with a great intro, and when the fiddles play the songs blooms with beauty and paints a great picture. “There’s A Better Way” is a country music fan’s dream, while “Even If You Ask Me To” really highlights Janice’s beautiful voice. “Baby I’ve Got You” rounds out a fantastic playlist on Myspace.

A Youtube video of “Baby I’ve Got You”, written by Steve Maynard, just adds to a wonderful visitor experience. We added the video to our “Stars Of Texas” video library because that’s where Janice Maynard belongs. Listen to her music and I’m sure you’ll agree.