Get to know country music artist Curtis Lyn Cook

Curtis Lyn Cook has been singing as long as he can remember. Born and raised in southeast Missouri, he began singing and playing to anyone who would listen by the age of 7. “It’s what I always wanted to do” he says.

From singing in the small Country Churches and a young child, to in and out of various bands as a teen, after graduating High School, Curtis left small town America for St. Louis, Missouri to further his musical career. Given a chance to open for David Alan Coe in 1986, Cook’s career started to blossom. After many opening performances for various artists traveling into the St. Louis area, he quickly became a huge draw in the large Country Dance Clubs that were becoming very popular in the late 80’s.

After working 5 nights a week for nearly 2 years, Curtis walked away from the Dance club scene in the early 90’s.

I just felt like I wasn’t getting out of music, what I needed to be happy at that time. I wanted to play Classic Country and Honky Tonk music and you just couldn’t get away with it in those big Country night clubs.

Those clubs are now gone but Curtis continues to perform all over the midwest, doing what he loves to do, performing Classic Country music with his Band, Cheyenne.

Always considered by his peers a versatile songwriter, Cook’s group always seems a “step ahead” of the other artists there. Maybe, in part because they also perform many of those songs Curtis has written while onstage. Cook’s group, made up from some of the finest in St. Louis, have been with him for over 20 years and it cannot go un noticed when they perform.

Curtis has written well over 300 songs to date and has had several holds by major Country artists. He is nearing completion of his latest Album titled: “What Country Boys Do”. The album will be released in late spring.

This album is full of some songs I’ve wrote. Some are over 20 years old, some I have just recently written, but all I feel are worthy of being on the album. I just hope these songs will represent good Country music. In the end, that’s all I really want. I want someone to say someday when I’m gone from this ole world, “remember Curtis”? Now that ole’ boy could sing some Country music!

Expect the first single from his new album to hit the airwaves soon. “Outlaws”, a song written by Curtis about the Outlaw singers of the 70’s will be the first release.

Featured is one of Curtis Lyn Cook’s music videos titled “Outlaw”. ” I wrote this song about some of my hero’s in music”, said Curtis. Professional quality seen in this video, combined with the dynamics of the song itself, make it clear that Cook has a long bright future ahead of him. You can hear more from this talented artist at his Myspace page, and on My Country Space. You can also add Curtis as a friend on Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Get to know country music artist Curtis Lyn Cook

  1. I remember the early days listening to Curt and him stoppin by my Grandparents house to grace us with his talents back in the hills where we were raised on country and gospel music, bluegrass, southern rock,outlaw, western swing, Curtis is a living icon of this music in my heart, and perhaps the rest of the world will catch on someday!

  2. I’ve known Curt since we worked together in a small door company right after he came to St. Louis in the 80’s. I enjoyed his music before he started singing in the big dance clubs, but once he did he just got better. I really thought he was going to make a name for himself in Nashville someday. I lost contact with him for several years but he made contact with me last year. My wife and I went to hear him sing and was amazed all over again. I still think Curt will make a name for himself in Nashville, even if it’s as a song writer. Outlaws isn’t the only song he has worthy of being recorded, there are several. Good luck Curt, we wish you the best of luck.

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