George Jones and Lacy Dalton on Facebook

The 4th of July is officially over and a new week begins today as many people go back to work. I went back to work on Facebook this morning, helping friends and fans remember real country music. Lacy J. Dalton and George Jones helped me.

On my personal page I posted George Jone’s video of “The Right Left Hand”, a beautiful classic about marrying the right woman after failures of the past. Watch it here: The Right Left Hand by George Jones

On The Country Classics fan page I posted “16th Avenue” by Lacy J Dalton, another classic about Nashville. Many of you remember the words “God bless the boys who made the noise on 16th Avenue”. The song represents dreams of hitting it big in Nashville, contrasted with reality.

“There’s cowboy, drunks, and Christians, mostly white and black and blue…”, and I’ve known them all in Nashville and other cities around the country. As Richie Allbright says in the words to his song “If I’d Known Then”, life ain’t always pretty here in Music City. Lacy J Dalton does a fine job representing real life.

Now it is Tuesday morning, The Country Classics has 3448 fans, and my personal page shows 1548 friends. Some people are both – about 700 of them – but everyone shares my interest in real country music, and that’s what really counts. It’s good to be back after taking one year off.