Gary P. Nunn update for 2010

From the desk of Gary P. Nunn: Greetings from Cow Creek! It’s has been a lovely spring after what I would call a normal winter, i.e. some cold weather and even a couple of freezes. We’ve good spring rains and the lakes are full once again and the bluebonnets and Indian paintbrushes are putting on a show.

We got away for a couple of ski trips; one to Taos, our perennial favorite, and one to Aspen, where we skied at the fantastic Snowmass Mountain. I’m happy to say my skiing skills continue to improve but I still have a long way to go.

A friend of mine reminded me recently that I had better hurry if I expect to get there. It’s like golf and training horses . I’m never going to be an expert ..but I enjoy it so much.

As you may be aware, we’ve released our new CD, “Taking Texas To The Country”.

The initial response has been unlike anything I’ve experienced before! Great reviews and response from all quarters cause me to have great expectations. The Bunkhouse Band laid down solid tracks at Tommy Detamore’s Cherry Ridge Studio. We brought in Bobby Flores, one of Texas’s best all-around musicians to do the fiddle work. John Michael Whitby added the piano tracks, and Tommy Detamore, did super work on the steel as well as his customary excellent job of engineering the sessions.

We’ve been on the road with it a couple of weeks now and it’s selling like crazy! Internet orders are pouring in to the Bunkhouse Products Store at All initial indicators are very positive. I’m trying not to get too excited ..

We released “The Girl Just Loves To Dance” as the first single. Written by Michael Hearne, Shake Russell, and Jimmy Stadler, it was the unanimous choice of all parties involved. I cut four tunes by Levi Mullen, a great songwriter in the classic country tradition, and he and I co-wrote the title track, “Taking Texas To The Country”.

Steven Kundert, Johnny Divine, and my brother Steve Nunn, also contributed great songs. These three are from Wichita Falls and are part of a virtually unknown group of songwriters from that area. I take a great pleasure in exposing the talents of those that might otherwise go unnoticed. “We may not be purty but we’ got heart and soul” ..

Back at the ranch, we’re enjoying beautiful spring weather. Ruthie P. Nunn, “earth mother”, lay veterinarian, gourmet cook, and the brains of this outfit, is in full-blown gardening and landscaping mode, in addition to overseeing the release and promotion of the new CD and managing our affairs. This lady can get more work done in her spare time than lots of folks who report from 8:00 to 5:00.

I’m so blessed to have her on my side. My firstborn son, Lukin, has settled in Nashville, working for Whole Foods and writing songs and playing in a band. I wonder where he got that?

Julian is getting acclimated to living in Houston. His rugby team is #1 in Texas and rated #4 in the nation. Grandson Sylas is finishing the 8th grade, makes straight A’s in a school for advanced students. I tell ya’ll, this handsome and well-mannered boy has tons of smarts and musical ability. It’s just not fair.

I would be negligent not to mention contributions of the young men who back me up. Beau Johnson does a super job on the drums. He does a super job a home as well as he is the father of a new baby girl. That makes two! Derek Groves plays the dickens out of the guitar and is a good dad to his three children. Bracken Hale plays the bass. He has a little boy and a baby girl that just turned one year old. A fellow could not ask for three finer young men to play and travel with. Their attitude is totally positive and they are always willing and able to do whatever needs to be done to do good shows and get us down the road.

The lovely Sherry Pye has come on board handling merchandise. We couldn’t do any of it without the effort of the “trail boss”, Johnny “Hondo” Burris, who applies the same focus and dedication to our success that he did while riding bulls.

My dear old grandmother used to say, “Musicians, politicians, and bull riders, are all “counted sorry”. These boys are definitely the exception

Something coming up soon you will be interested in. Our friends at Love and War In Texas sponsor a Texas Music Festival in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico. It happens at a gorgeous and very secure beachfront resort in Nueva Vallarta from June 7th thru June 13th. The Tejas Brothers, Mark David Manders and I provided entertainment.

Joe “King” Carrasco, a resident of Puerta Vallarta, comes over for guest appearances.

This is a really great trip at a very reasonable price. Just contact 1-800-FunJet-1 to book your reservations. “Think I’ll go to Mexico, Guatemala, I don’t know”

I need to wrap this up and get packing for another road trip, speaking of which we have several that you could make a short summer vacation out of.

We’ll be at the Back Porch in Port Aransas three times this summer . May 28th, June 26th, and July 24th at the House Pasture in Concan on the banks of the Frio River on May 29th, The Lakeside Grill in Bryan on May 30th The 11th Street Bar in Bandera on June 19th. Gruene Hall in New Braunfels on July 3rd The list goes on and on with too many to mention here.

Check out the full schedule on Myspace, or the home website,

Again, I hope you’ll take the opportunity to order the new CD. I’m really proud of it and confident you will agree this one has the potential to do great things. You can have it in a matter of days by ordering it from us here at Bunkhouse Products at

Thank you so much for your friendship and support. Help us spread the word. Bring your friends to our shows and we will make them our “friends for life”. We want to share our music with everyone. “We’re taking Texas to the country ..we’re taking Texas to the world” ..
God bless us all,
Gary P. Nunn

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  1. “The girl just loves to dance”-what a great song!
    Always done in the “Gary P Nunn” style! There is nothing that can be done to this song…it’s perfect! Hope to see you again soon…
    Best of luck with the new cd!

    Billy Tibbs
    Fallen Heart Productions
    Abilene, Texas

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