Discover Heidi Hauge and Norwegian country music

Heidi Haugh country music
Heidi Hauge was born in Skien, Norway, on October 14th 1967. Besides the fact that Heidi Hauge is the best selling country-singer in Scandinavia, she’s also a mother of four children. Today, all of Heidi’s CD’s have become gold records.

What does Scandinavian country music sound like? It sounds great if you ask me. Since you didn’t, you should check out Heidi Hauge’s website. Heidi is Norwegian.

My mother was from Holland, and my grandmother lived with us for many years. I always had a fondness for Holland and I’m glad American country music is well accepted in Scandinavia. On the other hand I am also right at home with the accent. Mom was bilingual, while grandma only spoke English if she wanted to.

Heidi Haugh Norwegian country music
From Heidi’s discography page you can hear plenty of music. We started “Turn it on, Turn it up, Turn me loose” from Heidi’s “Country Blue” CD are were convinced. If you want country music in Norwegian watch this commercial using your Windows media player. (It’s too bad my grandmother couldn’t sing.)

Listen to Heidi’s “Movin’ On” CD and you hear “Nashville’s Gone Hollywood”, “Tiger By The Tail”, a fresh “Between the Two of Them”, followed by “Torn In Between”, “If You Ever Want My Lovin” and many more great songs.

Heidi wrote much of her own material, has a perfect voice, and I also enjoyed her cover songs.

Before we leave you with Heidi let’s look at a montage from Youtube. Notice how good the band is, and how that steel guitar rings: