Country’s Family Reunion on DVD

We’re publishing a note from Larry Black and Country’s Family Reunion. I’m sure you’ll find it interesting, and if you read our article about Larry’s Country Diner now you know the rest of the Larry Black story. Here is what Larry said:

Hey from Country’s Family Reunion!

This is Larry Black, the producer of Country’s Family Reunion. I hope you’re having a great spring! If not, I’d like to give you something to make your spring more enjoyable…

I want to give you a $20 dollar discount off our most celebrated video series, “Country’s Family Reunion Collection.” This is the very first series we ever produced back in 1997, and it features many country music legends who’ve passed away; Legends like Grandpa Jones, Skeeter Davis, Johnny Paycheck, Johnny Russell, Billy Walker, and over 20 more artists who gave some of their final performances on this video series.

You’ll get 130 live performances, along with stories and laughter that’ll touch your heart and tickle your funny bone. All on 10 DVDs with over 16 hours of content!

This is an internet-only offer, so you’re one of the only ones to get this opportunity. Normally, the series sells for $119.80 plus shipping and handling, but if you order though our special link, you’ll get the entire 16-hour series for just $99.80! That’s $20 off the normal price. If you’d like to see some clips of the series, just watch the video when you go to the ordering page.

Just visit this special link to order and get $20 off the purchase price.

It’s just our little way of saying thanks for being on the web.

I hope this puts a little more SPRING into your spring.

God bless,

Larry Black
Executive Producer
Country’s Family Reunion

2 thoughts on “Country’s Family Reunion on DVD

  1. If You would, could you send me a list of all the Country Family Reunion series. From the first to the last. I would like to buy a series every other month if I can. Those people sing my life. I love the shows. Thank you so much for reading this and helping me.

  2. Who is that lady sitting next to Skeeter Davis and Kitty Wells in the back row. She is wearing a black and white striped shirt. This is driving my grandfather crazy.
    Thank you for your help.

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