Country music at the Wagon Wheel Cafe in Windsor Missouri

For the past few days The Country Classics, based in Windsor Missouri, has been pounded with cold weather. More than 100 school districts have canceled classes for today ahead of the latest round of heavy snow and dangerous cold weather. The wind chill will be 38 degrees below zero tonight. This morning, as I checked the weather report, I thought of Gordon Lighfoot’s song “10 Degrees and Getting Colder”.

He was just a road musician to the taverns he would go; Singing songs about the rambling, the loving girls and gambling. Now he’s traded off his Martin but his troubles are not over; It’s ten degrees and getting colder down by Boulder dam today.

For our area the National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning from noon today until 6 p.m. Thursday because of the snow and winds that could reach 40 miles per hour by Thursday. The winds are likely to create near-blizzard conditions. Wind chills are expected to be 20-below zero or worse.

My thoughts turn to men like Dan Roberts, Red Steagall, Jerry Webb, and men like them. It doesn’t matter how cold it gets. Cows will have calves tonight, water will freeze, and equipment will protest cold weather. I’m not too thrilled with it either, although one report says we will only have a wind chill of -28. Hay haulers will work the winter feeding schedule today, no matter what.

Here in Windsor we have good country music and hot coffee at the restaurant. We put on those Carhart’s, long johns, and warm socks. Some will do without a cowboy hat for one day, wearing two watchcaps instead.

If the men are a long way from the ranch they are always welcome back at the restaurant. Coffee drinkers get a free refill, even if you’ve been gone for an hour or two. Country music continues to play. The restaurant closes at 2 PM.

If you make it to Windsor Missouri stop by the Wagon Wheel Cafe. Tell them you heard about them from Tim on The Country Classics and they will charge you for your coffee anyway.