Carol Lynn and WQAH should be heard around the world

As I was writing a new song called “On The Road Tonight” I was thinking back to my days in North Alabama. Since the refrain goes something like “on the road tonight, just my old friends and me”, it seems natural to remember people who put on smile on my face long ago.

In North Alabama Martin Delray, North Alabama’s own Vern Gosdin and Merle Haggard graced the airways, and we heard real pure country music. When a radio station plays what real people want to hear you can tell the difference. You can still hear it today.

A real country DJ is Carol Lynn, and you can hear her live on WQAH in Hartselle Alabama. She has an afternoon show from 2-6 p.m. Monday-Friday on 105.7 FM, and many on-air personalities can take lessons from Carol Lynn. If you know your listeners, and you know your country music, then being yourself still guarantees success.

Even though I am in Missouri I’m listening to Carol Lynn on WQAH right now. I like her voice so much even the commercials are good. WQAH is advertiser supported, but it only takes a minute to realize that the advertisers are as real and honest as Carol Lynn.

If farmers want to hear Merle Haggard’s “In My Next Life” Carol Lynn will play it. Today Carol Lynn told me the song is still one of the station’s most requested Merle Haggard songs. It’s all in knowing your listeners. Even if they played the song earlier in the show they would play it again.

Carol Lynn was the only on-air personality to play “Huntsville Lights” by Bobby Brooks. Those of us who knew of the mobile home plants in Cullman and Hank Williams down in South Alabama know what Hank Junior means when he mentions Huntsville Alabama. We know John Anderson is talking about Interstate 65 in his song “Chicken Truck” – a big long hill just south of Tennessee.

Listeners love it when Carol Lynn plays Martin Delray’s “Lillies White Lies” and we love it too. You’ll hear real classic country music, bluegrass, and Gospel music on WQAH.

As far as being on the road tonight, just my old friends and me, I never met Carol Lynn but it’s good to hear her voice again. Some people are with us during the good times and the bad, the happy times and the sad, and ask nothing in return. Songs bring back memories, and pure country is what you’ll hear with Carol Lynn and WQAH.

Carol says “My goal in life is to bring a smile to everybody’s face and to leave this ole world in a better shape that in was when I got here, and to work real hard to get to a better place when I leave this ole world.” There is no doubt she has already accomplished that.

Listen now on the WQAH live Internet stream.

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