Breaking News – Carter steel guitar company out of business

Here’s some steel guitar news from Bobbe Seymour. Bobby reports “The way we hear it the Carter company and the three levels of steel guitars that were manufactured by Carter, are now gone and totally out of business.” Here is the rest of Bobbe’s breaking news:

Ann Fabian has sold the rights to sell parts to an newly formed Canadian enterprise. We hear that there will not be any more guitars built, but parts will not be a problem to obtain for any guitars that have already been sold.

Of course, shipping to and fro across the border will be no easier than it ever was. This is no fault of anyone in the steel guitar business, but thank goodness it’s Canada instead of any of our friends across the seas.

Jackson guitars are manufacturing some absolutely incredible, beautiful, high quality guitars. An ultra light single neck and of course, the ever present Black Jack and this guitar should be ever present. These guitars are as beautiful as any and are reasonably priced for the incredible quality that they are.

The Jackson top end models are the Super Pro IV and the Madison 63, along with the very light Black Jack that has already gained tremendous fame in the world of steel guitars.

GFI guitars, the Ultra and Expo models are being delivered faster than any supplier we have ever had. The guitars are getting more beautiful all the time and the overall cost, thank goodness is not going up as fast as other products.

The feedback we get from customers that have bought GFI products is incredible. Many people have written saying any doubts that I had when I bought this guitar are totally gone in the first six months of ownership, in other words, the longer people have them, the better they like them. These guitars have turned out to be the workhorse of the industry.

With the disappearance of the Carter Starter, the GFI student model is the only logical choice for a beginner.

Jerry Fessenden called me a while ago and stated he was going to build a few hundred six and eight string guitars with the lead guitar players in mind. They will have three pedals with no knee levers and meant to be played in a standing position.

I think this will be wonderful for lead players that are already standing and want to own a six or eight string Hawaiian pedal guitar. There are many lead players that try to play pedal guitar licks on their Gibsons and Fenders that would rather have a real slide guitar with three pedals on it. This will make him as good sounding as can be done without a major, complicated steel guitar. These guitars are designed to sell in the six hundred dollar range.

As other news becomes available, I will be the first to inform you.

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