Refile – UPDATE – December 15, 2009 – Eddie Kilroy and Catfish are no longer with Willies Place.

Original narrative written August 20, 2008:
I was exposed to country music in 1959 at the age of ten. That was fifty years ago. Many of the same songs we listened to back then are still played today. You can hear them every day on XM-13 Willies Place, played by people older than me like Eddie Kilroy and Catfish. Don’t tell them I said that.

In reality I talk to them or email them almost every day. True legends of country music, young traditionalists, Texas Country Music Hall of Fame members, and many others get the support and friendship of Willie Nelson, Eddie Kilroy, Catfish and the crew at XM-13. We are glad they do what they do.

That is not to say that today’s country music doesn’t have a great following. It probably says more about many of us a traditionalists. We still like the fiddle, steel guitar, and the sound of the Fender Telecaster. We are not blind to George Strait, Alan Jackson, and other stars of country music. In fact when they put out a traditional country CD we buy it. Sometimes it bothers me when artists forget what made them successful, or what brought them to the dance, so to speak.

We are teachers, historians, or just old country music fans, but we write so you can remember. I like to concentrate on the period from about 1959 through 1969 if possible, but I deviate a bit. My history lessons might cover a much broader period, but I think the music came into its own when recording techniques got better. We were jamming back in those days. Hank Williams Junior was singing Cajun songs and Jimmy C. Newman was singing country songs. Later, of course, that all changed.

Let’s take nothing away from the Grand Ole Opry and the Lousianna Hay Ride, or Red Foley in Missouri and the Ozark Jubilee. I remember sitting in the old Ryman Auditorium on a saturday night in the middle of summer, watching the Grand Ole Opry live. There was no air conditioning, but I remember thinking that the entertainers must have been hotter than we were. I can’t remember who I saw that night in the summer of 1969. In fact I can’t remember what year I saw many country music performers in concert, so I ask for help from people who were there if possible. Fellas like Johnny Bush and Eddie Kilroy will help you if you call and ask.

So before I am too old to type I thought I should put these memories on paper for my readers and my children. It will be fun. Thanks for visiting and please bookmark us.

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